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15mm (3/5 inch)

Sicis is world renowned as THE Art Glass Factory for Mosaic. Based in Ravenna Sicis produces some of the world's most breathtaking mosaic for installation and of course a superb line of specially created glass to make it with. Each collection is based on a special 15x15mm format that is flat on both sides for reduced wastage and greatly increased ease of use. The formulae for their glass is calculated to create brilliance, vivacity and improved cristalline structure that lends itself to precise and crumb free cutting. The moulded surfaces are slightly uneven increasing refraction of light so that the mosaic is 'alive' to changes in the direction and intensity of light or the angle of the viewer.

At Quadra we have a large collection of Sicis style glass mosaic that delivers the look of Sicis for a reduced cost, however this collection can not match the range or versatility of the original.

Opaline is an Iridium lookalike and Element can be most closely compared to the Murano Smalto range. Lucid is a coloured transparent glass similar to Waterglass and Shimmer is an iridised version. Starlight is a reflective bonded tile similar to Colibri, with Cosmic being the iridised version.

Our Turkish recycled glass has intense colour and high gloss. They are exceptionally strong and versatile and can be used in high traffic and commercial applications.

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