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Glue, Grout and Pigment

We have been in business for over 10 years and in this time we have tried a lot of glues and other products and finally we have found one that we can emphatically recommend: Parabond. An industrial glue this product is a no sticks everything to everything. Use the transparent version to let the light shine through. Choose Parabond 600 when white is called for or for floor mosaics that need a rigid, tough glue to hold them together, it can also add strength to weak surfaces.

When it comes to grout we have the all purpose Ultracolor plus by Mapei this is perfect for all craft mosaics as far as we are concerned, to use it is to love it. Specially formulated without sand to prevent scratching of delicate finishes this grout is malleable, flexible, and quick drying. No efflorescence, staining or mould allowed. Inside, outside, wet, dry it is good everywhere.

For installations in wet and hard wearing areas we suggest the Kerapoxy from Mapei this is a complete two part acid-resistant grout, it is harder, stronger and longer lasting than the Ultracolor-plus.  Particularly suitable for grouting floors and walls in the food industry, thermal water baths, tanks containing aggressive chemicals, work surfaces in kitchens, hospitals, supermarkets and in all environments where complete hygiene is required and resistance to most aggressive chemicals. The best choice for grouting swimming pools; particulalry suitable for salt or thermal water.

To personalise your grout we recommend using a dry mineral powder that delivers colour in concentrated form. This must be used sparingly (5% or less of dry weight) in order not to compromise the strength of the grout as this may lead to cracking and crumbling.

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